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The Ebony Essence: A Praise to Black Culture

Here we are, 20 and some change. Still trying to find our “ism,” our “thing,” our place in the world. Ourselves. As a soon-to-be graduate, I’m finally entering the stage in life where I won’t identify as a student. That’s right. After years of instructional education, I will no longer be confined to the somewhat cage-like structure of a classroom.…

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Caribbean Culture Comes to Kent

Modista Fashion Group and the Student Organization of Caribbean Alliance collaborated with its Caribana Fashion Show Experience, Saturday Dec. 9. Founded by Kareem Rogers, S.O.C.A. was started in spring of 2017 after he noticed a lack of support for Caribbean students like himself. “S.O.C.A. was created on the observation that there wasn’t any type of student organization that brings together…

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SALSA Holds Peaceful Protest After Discriminatory Chants

Sierra Allen, MJ Eckhouse During Kent State University’s Homecoming parade last Saturday, a fraternity chanted a discriminatory phrase aimed at SALSA, a group designated for Spanish and Latino students. Confronting the issue, SALSA united to support one another and spread awareness and positivity  as they painted the campus rock, which is free for student expression. According to SALSA’s Facebook page,…

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David Robinson Changes Lives With Community Development

David Robinson, son of legacy Major League Baseball player, Jackie Robinson, attended Kent State University to promote Sweet Unity Farms, his coffee business that promotes self-help, personal development and organization on the African continent. Accidentally running into David Robinson a day before our interview, I had the pleasure of formally introducing myself and sampling a cup of Sweet Unity Farms Vanilla…

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Kwanzaa and Its Importance in African Culture

Throughout my childhood years, I never understood why the school break in December transitioned from being called Christmas to winter break, and just assumed that because my family celebrated Christmas, every other family did as well. It wasn’t until I grew older that I was aware of families’ different religions, beliefs and practices. One of those practices is called Kwanzaa,…

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Kuumba Submissions

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Welcome to the Kuumba section of Uhuru Magazine. If you are unaware, Uhuru translated in Swahili means freedom, and Kuumba means to create. In this section are pieces from all kinds, that allow individuals the freedom to express their creativity. It is our pleasure to provide the pedestal that displays the talent amongst our brothers and sisters, so that they may inspire…

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