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Spring 2021 Digital Release

The last year has proved to be difficult for all of us in terms of the Coronavirus pandemic, social isolation and even the social and political hardships at Kent State and beyond. However, our staff at UHURU Magazine wanted to use this opportunity to shine a light on our legacy: where we are now and where we are going. We hope to highlight the legacy of our influencers, the legacy…

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Pop Politics: The Role of Public Figures in Political Activism

Graphic by Alex Tharnish   Growing up, I never imagined I would find pop culture and politics merging as one. I always thought it was politicians’ responsibility to influence American citizens on what they should believe in or stand up for. I also never thought I would see the day I would contemplate an Oprah or Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson presidential run. The presence of public figures becoming vocal in…

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Being Black At A PWI

Going to college is already a complex and rigorous journey for students. From understanding how to receive the most financial aid, to balancing a social life with academics, it can be overbearing for anyone. For some students, however, the journey is even more complicated for reasons out of their control: their race. If someone identifies as African American or black, they’ve already beaten one of many statistics by attending college.…

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What Does It Mean To Be Black And Queer?

  Jordin Manning, 20, They/Them Jordin is a third year sophomore at Kent State University studying psychology. They identify as Non-Binary & Sapphic and uses they/them pronouns. I chose Jordin for this interview because they have worked in the LGBTQ community since coming to Kent State. Altogether, Jordin has had positions in Threads, an organization that focuses on the intersection of being a queer person of color. They’ve also be…

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Representation on the Reel

Imagine having to rely solely on your social groups to understand something that goes beyond yourself. What would you know about a race, class, language, lifestyle, or even culture if you weren’t exposed to them on a regular basis? The answer for most people would be nothing beyond what they have learned from the media. The media can be considered the most potent means of communication. From television and movies…

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Black to the Future: A look at Afrofuturism

*Suddenly, techno symphony music played and my attention was glued to the television screen; “Korben Dallas! Here he is, the one and only winner of the Gemini Croquet contest…” My eyes expanded widely as a cheetah printed bodysuit glided to the vocal point of the screen. Interest was immediately sparked when Ruby Rhod, a black androgynous radio host with cutting edge fashion and wigs, stepped onto the television during the…

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Why I Am Not A Feminist

I will never be a feminist. I understand that is a very extreme statement to make, but the feminist movement relentlessly proves to be a notion that I can not stand behind. I do not believe in achieving women’s rights based on the equality of sexes, when there is not even a less painful, more evident equality between white and marginalized women. I refuse to be invisible and pose with…

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Back To Our Roots

Throughout history, black culture has been belittled while simultaneously used as a source of revenue by those who are not directly a part of the community. However, throughout the past decade, a revitalization of African culture has become an important factor in the black community. Young teens, millennials and celebrities alike are wearing fashions from or inspired by African countries. The club scene even includes more Afro beat sounds. As…

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2018-2019 Uhuru Staff Application

Uhuru is heating up! If you are interested in being a part of Uhuru’s staff this upcoming year, click the link below! All applications are due by May 18th.