Author: Julia Duanetto De Sousa

Posted on: June 18, 2021 Posted by: Julia Duanetto De Sousa Comments: 0

Asian American Oppression and the Lunar New Year

Between quarantine, lockdown and the plummeting economy, a wave of violence has risen. From the Bay Area to New York City, a surge of anti-Asian attacks has rampantly spread throughout the country. Racism and discrimination against individuals and whole communities at at an all time high. A surge of attacks, verbal and physical, is happening and the numbers are growing by the minute. The NYPD has reported a 1900% increase…

Posted on: April 30, 2021 Posted by: Julia Duanetto De Sousa Comments: 0

Afro-Latinx Figures Everyone Should Know

We are not alone, as we stand on the shoulders of giants. They paved the ways we now walk. Those who came before us and now left their legacy for us to carry on. Those who have done the work and those who have represented us. We stand collectively to achieve great things and for us to leave our legacy. To this generation of Latinx youth and others who are…