Author: Mariah Hicks

Posted on: July 11, 2018 Posted by: Mariah Hicks Comments: 0

Ode to My Soul: A Psalm of Praise for My Pieces

Photos by Candace Sanders I fear that I have wasted too much time not loving or wholly accepting myself. I have spent too many years dishonoring my pieces, sometimes knowingly, other times with an unconscious mind that was not aware of the damage it would cause my soul. In attempt to please everyone else, I found myself at the kitchen counter subtracting my truths and measuring in the right amount…

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Nappy vs. Natural: Perceptions of Natural Hair

The past few years have been a transition of store shelves filled with containers of “creamy crack,” to shelves loaded with a variety of products mimicking smells of tropical paradise, coconuts and fruit salad. This transition has shown the journey of many African-Americans returning to their roots by embracing their natural hair. This has been a trending topic for a while, as the desire to embrace natural hair progresses and…