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UHURU Magazine

UHURU Magazine

UHURU Magazine

Who We Are

UHURU is an award-winning magazine that aims to promote innovation, creativity, and culture through the voice of marginalized students on the Kent State University campus. Having a history of pan-African teachings and values, UHURU magazine focuses on the plight of all students around the globe.

Uhuru, which is Kiswahili for ‘freedom,’ serves as a platform for student creation and expression in art, writing, photography  and graphic design, while discussing racial, social and/or political ignorance.

As a derivative of Black Unites Students, this publication is dedicated to disseminating knowledge of the African-American experience in the past, present and future.

Although we focus on the unification of the African-American population, we also serve as a safe haven for other people of color, as we reflect all people of color at Kent State University.


Meet our Staff


Tamra McMillion & Jala Forest

Writing Crew

Hana Ali

JC Bright

Andre’a Carter

Vanessa Davidson

Aimèe Flores

William Hill

Dimaya Mayfield

Lead Producers

Ceejay Scott & Kollin Battle

Production Crew

Ayo Fola-Toluhi

Vanessa Davidson

Ajallah Toure

Chris Wilder

Communications Crew

Tamra McMillion

Lyss Lopez



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