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UHURU Magazine

UHURU Magazine

Who We Are

UHURU is an award-winning magazine that aims to promote innovation, creativity, and culture through the voice of marginalized students on the Kent State University campus. Having a history of pan-African teachings and values, UHURU magazine focuses on the plight of all students around the globe.

Uhuru, which is Kiswahili for ‘freedom,’ serves as a platform for student creation and expression in art, writing, photography¬† and graphic design, while discussing racial, social and/or political ignorance.

As a derivative of Black Unites Students, this publication is dedicated to disseminating knowledge of the African-American experience in the past, present and future.

Although we focus on the unification of the African-American population, we also serve as a safe haven for other people of color, as we reflect all people of color at Kent State University.


Meet our Staff


Julia Duanetto de Sousa

Managing Editor

Hannah Davis


Terry Lee III

Zaria Johnson


Dorisha Hendrix

Mia Barnes

Natalia Cruz

Thaisa Mayer


Alyssa Fuller

Destiny Franklin

Lauren Mobius


Carlton Scott

Jack Amicone

Maya Little

Tia McKnight


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