Author: Alex Gray

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Kent State’s anti-racism task force holds first town hall

The KSU community came together to fight racism on campus after racist messages were written on the Rock. Over 250 people were on Zoom Thursday night for Kent State’s anti-racism task force town hall. This was the first public mass meeting of the committee since it’s creation in early September.  The task force was created after Black students protested against racist messages that were painted on the Rock  in August.…

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No Limits: Living Beyond Expectation

Stereotypes have been intertwined in the Black community for over 150 years. Although the Black community has worked hard over the years to silence racist stereotypes, we have in turn created expectations for ourselves that directly contradict them. In the past, Black people were mocked in minstrel shows in the 1800s for their features and assumed stupidity. As decades passed, it was a way for white people to characterize African…