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The Woman in Me

The woman in me I would like to express my grievances.  I’ve been caught in a life held by the disadvantage of how every black girl needs her mother. – I’ve never quite learned how to do my hair. Barrettes, hot combs, sitting in a chair. – One thing I do love is my brown skin. A woman I’ve become with fire within. – A beauty I’ve found  in my…

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Time in Hand

A new day brings about it’s own challenges Not a challenge that I am unfamiliar with – Time in a circle  mounted on the wall Time is time enough embrace the fall

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When Africans were Taken

Some 400 years ago the unruly Whites began the mentality that the inferior Negro lay bound in shackles. – Years-long practices in abuse pressed silent wonderings. Dark ebony skin were bound and forgotten, disdain and denied.  – They tried to justify the division of two worlds. They fondled our own with intimate moments. – They took our name, our people, our bodies, our lives. – There was no remedy. They…

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On Jesy Nelson and the Problem with Blackfishing

If you follow pop music and have been keeping up with the news over the past week, you’d know that former Little Mix member Jesy Nelson has made her solo debut. You may remember Little Mix from the U.K. version of The X-Factor, where Simon Cowell manufactured the group, helped them win the show and guided them during the early years of their career.  Nelson left the group in 2020,…

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Rather who I be

I often wonder will the color of my skin always hold memories and caress lashes in the eyes of others. – Though I be black, I be woman. So might I stand behind our men on the days they choose to protect us. – Rather there be days where sensuality defines my worth. – Might I be worth more then what you see? – Though  I be woman, though I…

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Natural Occurence

A rose lies on my nose – Green grass is stuffed in my ears, just as happens every morning. – Numerals and tones shelter behind mummies of ghastly thoughts – I Stand on needles and call upon mother nature. – “Where are you?!” I shout. “I can be a part of so much, yet I inherit so little.”

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Call for a Voice

Call for a voice given to me by God. Crafted by my ancestors to bring to me the perfect peace. A tree deeply rooted inside of me, guided through generations of a family. Woven by the hands of my grandmother, divine passion ignited by strife. A voice that cracks open bodies and unearths such holy things. Shout aloud for freedom and take wing.  Know that brown bodies have futures. Plans…

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UHURU x Fall Favorites

This Fall, the UHURU staff was inspired to create a playlist filled with songs that bring out the best of us. With the end of Summer vacations and the tough return to routines filled with classes, and sometimes accompanied by stress, we wanted to bring out motivation. To represent what UHURU is, motivated, and permeated with excellence. Our amazing staff hopes you will enjoy listening to our motivational essence.