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Uhuru’s 2020 Democratic Breakdown

Here’s Uhuru’s breakdown of the top five polling candidates’ stances on various issues that affect People Of Color to help you find out more about and support this crucial election.

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Album Review: Wow…That’s Crazy

After two-years, the seasoned lyricist gifts us with his sixth album that attempts to give us a glimpse into his innermost vulnerable and personal side. Did it really make us say, “wow, that’s crazy?”

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Ladies’ Choice: Unpacking Double Standards in the Hip Hop Industry

As 2018 reigns as “The Year of the Woman,” the saying stays true in today’s climate for female rap. After a decade of Nicki Minaj as the sole survivor for female rappers, more women have been occupying the space. Bronx rapper Cardi B has a hot streak in the hip-hop industry, earning the achievement of being the first woman in hip hop to have three number one songs on the…

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No Limits: Living Beyond Expectation

Stereotypes have been intertwined in the Black community for over 150 years. Although the Black community has worked hard over the years to silence racist stereotypes, we have in turn created expectations for ourselves that directly contradict them. In the past, Black people were mocked in minstrel shows in the 1800s for their features and assumed stupidity. As decades passed, it was a way for white people to characterize African…