Photo by Myk'a Walker.

Activism in Athletics

Over the years, activism has surfaced in music, movies, television and sports which are all still popular today, but recently, athletes have been more prominent with their activist ways, following the footsteps of their predecessors. Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick began an athletic protest last year by choosing to kneel during the playing of the national anthem, causing…

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Nappy vs. Natural: Perceptions of Natural Hair

The past few years have been a transition of store shelves filled with containers of “creamy crack,” to shelves loaded with a variety of products mimicking smells of tropical paradise, coconuts and fruit salad. This transition has shown the journey of many African-Americans returning to their roots by embracing their natural hair. This has been a trending topic for a…

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Graphics By Lexi Fodor.

Black to the Future: Music’s Millennial Renaissance

As of late in mainstream media and music culture, there has been a reemergence of original sounds and a continuing reference to aesthetics of the past. Currently in music, artists like Kendrick Lamar, Solange and Childish Gambino have utilized many elements of black music, like rock, funk and jazz and implemented modern twists relevant to their lives today. Simply put,…

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Illustration by Tai Gomez

Am I Invited to the Cookout?

  Being black and vegetarian can be something that inadvertently shuts you out of the black community. It doesn’t make you any less black, but it can make you feel a little less invited to the ‘Soul Food Sunday’ cookouts. When I decided to become a vegetarian, I was given strange looks from all of my family members. It was…

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A pastel sketch of musician, Yuna, by Tai Gomez.

My Color Does Not Define What My Hands Create

On the cover: a pastel sketch of musician, Yuna, by Tai Gomez.   You know that moment, that sudden “ah-ha” moment when you figure out what you’re meant to do in life, like a hobby that you loved as a child?  At some point, you came to find that it was more than just a hobby; that’s what art has been…

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Photo By Jermaine Jackson.

Growing Up A ‘Blerd’

  This past summer, social media was full of various trending topics like #growingupwithbraces, #growingupwithmyname and my favorite, #growingupblack. Interestingly enough, so many people found other people to identify with through their similar upbringings, which brought forth another super, awesome hashtag, #growingupablerd. (OK, so for those who do not know, a blerd is someone who is black and a nerd.…

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Graphic by Lexi Fodor.

Malia Obama: A Girl Who Can Do Both

Malia Obama exemplifies the true meaning of black excellence at only 18. She is already following in her mother and father’s footsteps by attending Harvard University in the fall. Additionally, she finished her summer internship with the United States Embassy in Spain and already has a full list of accomplishments that puts many of our resumes to shame. She’s a…

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SALSA Holds Peaceful Protest After Discriminatory Chants

Sierra Allen, MJ Eckhouse During Kent State University’s Homecoming parade last Saturday, a fraternity chanted a discriminatory phrase aimed at SALSA, a group designated for Spanish and Latino students. Confronting the issue, SALSA united to support one another and spread awareness and positivity  as they painted the campus rock, which is free for student expression. According to SALSA’s Facebook page,…

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David Robinson Changes Lives With Community Development

David Robinson, son of legacy Major League Baseball player, Jackie Robinson, attended Kent State University to promote Sweet Unity Farms, his coffee business that promotes self-help, personal development and organization on the African continent. Accidentally running into David Robinson a day before our interview, I had the pleasure of formally introducing myself and sampling a cup of Sweet Unity Farms Vanilla…

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Sen. Bernie Sanders Persuades Millennials To Vote Democratic

In hopes to encourage college students to vote democratic in this year’s election, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders spoke at Kent State University on Saturday, Sept. 17. “What a democracy is about is respecting different people’s point of view,” Sanders said. “And going into your own heart like, ‘what are the issues effecting my life, my family’s life, and who is…

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