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  • Image taken from Google images

    Occupying Leads to a Void

            Image taken from Google images By Omar Shabazz After spending the night and weeks prior to the occupation losing sight of the value of sleep by [...]
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    Code Switching/Talking “White”

    Image taken from Google images By Sade Hale I still remember the first time it happened.  The first time I was accused. The first time in my life I felt like I had to [...]
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    Human interaction analyzed in “Wilderness”

    This is the final weekend for the African Community Theater's production of "Wine in the Wilderness," directed by Francis Dorsey. And even though this play is over 40 years old, don't think you can't learn anything from it you can't use today. [...]
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    Commentary: Black Women Need to Stop the Beef

    In light of how out of control the Lil' Kim x Nicki Minaj beef has gotten since Kim dropped "Black Friday" last week, our staff writer Brooklyn Mitchell has a few things to say about how black women are acting toward one another these days. [...]
In the spotlight

Video: D’Angelo McCornell Speaks on Alleged USG Scandal

by Administrator in Featured

D'Angelo McCornell recently found himself in a scandal after he won the election to become USG's new Director of Community Affairs. He agreed to sit down with us and elaborate on the situation. Watch the interview after the jump. [...]



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