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UHURU x Fall Favorites

This Fall, the UHURU staff was inspired to create a playlist filled with songs that bring out the best of us. With the end of Summer vacations and the tough return to routines filled with classes, and sometimes accompanied by stress, we wanted to bring out motivation. To represent what UHURU is, motivated, and permeated with excellence. Our amazing staff hopes you will enjoy listening to our motivational essence.

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Kuumba: Garmai Zayzay Awarded Spring 2021 Featured Creative

Philadelphia native and Kent State Freshman Garmai Zayzay grew up creating unique designs and coordinating her own outfits, almost as if she was born with a passion for everything fashion. Inspired by bold patterns and colors of traditional African prints and fabrics, the self-taught fashion design major recreated this two-piece look based only off a photo of an original design by @laviebyck posted to Instagram. “Sometimes I take inspiration from…

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Afro-Latinx Figures Everyone Should Know

We are not alone, as we stand on the shoulders of giants. They paved the ways we now walk. Those who came before us and now left their legacy for us to carry on. Those who have done the work and those who have represented us. We stand collectively to achieve great things and for us to leave our legacy. To this generation of Latinx youth and others who are…

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Life After Black Squares: Black Fashion Students’ Outlook on Racism in the Industry

Red carpets, runway shows and dress up with his mom are all it took for John Harris to fall in love with fashion. Inspired by the way clothing allowed celebrities — and his mother — to transform, Harris applied to Kent State’s school of fashion in 2017. Now a junior fashion student, he’s worked as a style director for A Magazine and other student-led fashion productions on campus. These roles…

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Spring 2021 Digital Release

The last year has proved to be difficult for all of us in terms of the Coronavirus pandemic, social isolation and even the social and political hardships at Kent State and beyond. However, our staff at UHURU Magazine wanted to use this opportunity to shine a light on our legacy: where we are now and where we are going. We hope to highlight the legacy of our influencers, the legacy…

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Kent State community mourns E. Timothy Moore, Pan-African Studies pioneer of Black excellence

Article by Alex Gray and Lyndsey Brennan E. Timothy Moore, associate dean emeritus in Kent State’s College of Arts and Sciences and emeritus professor of Pan-African Studies, died unexpectedly on Feb. 1 from an aortic dissection, a tear in the major artery coming out of his heart. He was 69.  He is survived by his wife of 47 years, Debra “DeLacy” Moore; his children, Elliot Moore and Candace Garton-Mullen; his mother,…

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Kent State’s anti-racism task force holds first town hall

The KSU community came together to fight racism on campus after racist messages were written on the Rock. Over 250 people were on Zoom Thursday night for Kent State’s anti-racism task force town hall. This was the first public mass meeting of the committee since it’s creation in early September.  The task force was created after Black students protested against racist messages that were painted on the Rock  in August.…