The Complexity of Identity

“The concept of identity is a complex one, shaped by individual characteristics, family dynamics, historical factors and social and political contexts.” The above quote comes from “The Complexity of Identity: ‘Who Am I?’” written by Beverly Daniel Tatum. In this […]

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Posted by Toni Hunt
Pillars of Potential

Sometimes, we live our lives without knowing our purpose or reaching our potential. This creates a feeling of emptiness, which leads to an unhappy life. This thought is often overlooked, but now is the time to explore the process of […]

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Posted by Faith Riggs
How to Secure the Bag

This past summer, Jay-Z released his 13th album, “4:44” and gave us all a clear view on ways we can build wealth in a system that isn’t particularly for us. His lyrics brought awareness to an issue that has affected […]

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Being Black At A PWI

Going to college is already a complex and rigorous journey for students. From understanding how to receive the most financial aid, to balancing a social life with academics, it can be overbearing for anyone. For some students, however, the journey […]

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